Grace – Free & Unmerited

The word ‘Grace’ in English literally means

‘the free and unmerited favour of God; a divinely given talent or blessing’

contextually, another meaning seems to be ‘smoothness and elegance’.

And this leaves me wondering, that although we use this word as easily as we do, it is the smoothness and elegance with which this Divine Favour happens, that has left it go unnoticed, unrecognized and unappreciated in most of our lives. It is so free and unmerited that it is taken for granted.

Be it the electric shock that did not happen when we switched the lights on with wet hands in oblivion, or the stone that didn’t trip us down on the pavement when we were scrambling through the morning hustle, or the van that hit the brakes in just about the right time when we hurriedly crossed the road, or an examiner who was way too generous that made us top an exam, or the boss who happened to be at his best mood to be mindless of our late coming…we fail to realize that we have been wrapped by Grace every single second of each day of our lives; for Grace is not to be experienced in just what is given to us, but also in what is kept away from us.

In this fast world, with people lost in the rush of their individual demands, it would be a truly enjoyable ride once we realize we are enfolded by Grace. The only reason we do not realise this embrace, is because it is present ALL the time. Once we become conscious of it, we start basking in the joy of being ‘in’ Grace.

I was 19 when I had my first Darshan of my Spiritual Master. I was an undergraduate pursuing my bachelors at dental school. Little did I know that day, that Grace would take me on a journey of its own. After this first meeting, I went ahead to pursue my masters and in the seven years that went by, I had The Master’s Darshan a few times.

It was after I completed my masters, that on one blessed day, when I had The Master’s Darshan, I felt His Presence unravel the world I wanted to be in. A world that would be filled with just the purest love, peace and compassion that was exuding from Him at that time, washing my entire essence, and soothing a pain that I never knew I was carrying for that many years. His words brought every logic, emotion and notion that I was holding till that day, to a halt, and made me completely disregard the ‘education’ that I thought I had.

I had always believed God could not be seen or felt, but here I was, face to face with The Divine, who was exuding Love and Grace from every stoma of His Being…which I could feel, see, and perceive. This was the truest thing that I had experienced, and suddenly nothing else mattered. And that is when I realised what had struck me! It was the consciousness of His Grace. From that time on, slowly as I was blessed with more and more of His Presence, I grew to realise that being in His Presence that cradled my soul was all that I wanted.

The way He makes us realise His Grace is ‘smooth’ and ‘elegant’ in the truest sense of the word; He does it through SILENCE! His Silence makes concord prevail in all. What He does within you is not noticeable, but is definitely unequivocal! His Silence is His loudest command. His Silence is Grace at its best, and to live in it, is to be on top of the world. Life becomes so pleasant, that you know when you move, His Grace goes ahead of you, and He walks with you all the way, and you feel you are living effortlessly, since you know you are the instrument and He is the Operator. There is no doubt, no fear, and you feel the whole universe is in agreement with your being.

Love Incarnate that He is, He has descended on this Earth to take the entire world IN THE PATH OF LOVE, and this blog from me, will be due the ‘free and unmerited favour’ He has bestowed. With prayers that every single life on this earth becomes ‘conscious’ of His Grace…IMG_0670




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  1. Dr S Prakash says:

    Pursue your passion
    God bless

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  2. Anitha says:

    Very well expressed Janani.

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  3. Sriram says:

    Beautiful! Words seem to flow through like perfect music – Graceful!

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  4. Akila says:

    Wow, simply superb Janani ji. So many things I could relate myself…put me in tears.. Jai’G’.

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    1. Ravishankar.G says:

      Grace is just not a Dogma word that we commonly use, its infact the presence of God itself in all aspects of our life.
      The blog is well articulated and will surely enrich all. Jai Gurunath.

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  5. Madhumathi Balasubramanian says:

    His boundless Grace seeps through your words too. Wonderfull expressed Jananiji.

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  6. Vijay says:

    Wonderful! It is His Grace that you have been able to express your thoughts on “Grace” so beautifully! 🙂

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  7. krithika2 says:

    Not that easy to express the experience of Grace!! Especially the ‘Grace’ bestowed through ‘Silence’ , I could closely relate to my personal life …. Thanks a lot. Please keep sharing, akka 🙂
    Jai G

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  8. Girija says:

    Beautiful Jananiji! RR.

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  9. Priyanka says:

    Radhe Radhe
    Super Jananiji !!

    Jai G !!

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  10. Hema Kalyan says:

    Wonderful Jananiji, Seems like a poem!

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  11. Ashwin B says:

    A wonderful, meaningful and touching reflection Janananiji. Hope to read more from you!

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    1. Uma balasubramanian says:

      very lovely Jananiji. Highly soothing and energising. Cannot wait to read the next article!!

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  12. Malathi says:

    RR Jananiji, Very beautiful! Jai G!

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  13. Sangeetha C says:

    How beautiful you write Janani Ji .. Your words describing Sri G are soul soothing … Please keep writing more and more .. Radhe Radhe

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  14. Yamini Zivan says:

    Lovely Janani ji! Please keep sharing…Radhe Radhe!

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  15. Usha sreedhar says:

    Perfect, Grace told gracefully by Our Gurunathar’s grace, Janani Ji. Jai G

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  16. Lakshmi Prakash says:

    Beautiful. Well written Janani-ji. Waiting for your next article.


    1. There are 3 subsequent ones. Please have a read when you find time.


  17. Jayashree Ramakrishnan says:

    ‘His Silence is His loudest command. His Silence is Grace at its best, and to live in it, is to be on top of the world’. Beautiful. Pranams Jananiji.

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