Bind My Wandering Heart To Thee…

To be in harmony, or to pursue a spiritual path, it is often instructed to be ‘detached’ from everyone and everything. But is that really possible? Whether we like it or not, we live in this world, in this body, amidst humanity, and it is impossible to be ‘detached’ from existence. It is arduous to make ourselves exclusive. It is tough to win over emotions. It is human to remain involved, but the same involvement binds.  Then, how do we really get ‘detached’ in spite of being ‘attached’?

Devotion itself means attachment; attachment to the Divine. The Divine that we see and relate to, is The Master. When we develop attachment to the Master, and when it is genuine, we have no identity left. When we get attached to Him, we are attached to the entire existence, since He is the Absolute; but in this attachment there isn’t any ownership, jealousy or prejudice. This attachment is indiscriminate. It is unselective.

Worldly attachments are full of bigotry; and hence painful. Worldly attachments are planned and controlled, attachment to the Divine is emancipated and unbound.  We assume worldly attachments are out of love; and our mind surrogates love with many feelings which have nothing to do with love. Sometimes we call possessiveness our love; we call ownership our love; we call domination our love; but love has nothing to do with these traits. In fact when such interpretations are there, love is not possible.

We have never understood attachment without the idea of possession. And when we think we own something, love has vanished. In such an attachment, there is no joy. The right attachment is the one with The Master. The bond is infinite. It breaks down the prototype of possessive love. The Master is so Magnificent, that to limit Him to our preconceived ideas of worldly love, is impossible. This love is expansive, and helps us to see the Divine in every relationship or rendezvous we have with the world.

It is easy to understand the fact that one should run away from the world to be free of attachments. But it is difficult to accept that one can feel detached in the very midst of relationships and commitments. That is what attachment to The Master does. Gives a calm amidst the cyclone.

Being detached from the humdrum is our charisma. Being attached to the Divine is our beauty. Attachment to the material world, is malaise of the head, attachment to the Divine, is an earnest craving of the soul. So let’s not fret about our inability to be detached, and let’s just channelize our attachment to the Only Truth – The Master, and relish our journey IN THE PATH OF LOVE!



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  1. NirmalaMohan says:

    Radhe Radhe ji. Speacl5ess. Just understood what LOVE is. Gurumaharaj’ s divine grace should lead us .pranams to his Lotus Feet.

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  2. krithika2 says:

    Radhe Radhe !! Very true. Jai G!

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  3. sreeush92 says:

    The ultimate truth,attaching yourself to the only truth,our master and ultimate love. Perfectly elucidated. Great Jananiji. Blissfully walking in the path of love explained by you.
    Radhe Radhe JaiG

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  4. Sriram says:

    Running out of superlatives here!!!

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