Celebrating Womanhood

Women – icons of resolute mettle and spirit, God’s handpicked and most beautiful creation, ones who bear and nurture humanity; by whose sheer absence on earth, everything that’s artistic, everything that’s soothing, everything that’s calm, everything that’s pleasing, everything that adds fragrance to life, will disappear.

The modern world urges women to be shrewd; what humanity really needs is women willing to be plain. The modern world urges women to be brilliant; what humanity really needs is women who are brave. The modern world wants women who follow their dreams; what humanity really needs is women who build their homes on prayer and faith. The world does not need women who trifle with spirituality, but ones who delve into it. For it is in the very nature of a woman, to not do anything in a tepid and lackadaisical way, but to put her heart and soul into what she does, and this is why she is capable of driving her home, her kin, and the society at large, towards God.

Sometimes, as women, we don’t feel comfortable in appreciating ourselves. And that is the exact hitch. We need to realise the influence we have on the world as a partner, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a colleague, a boss, a friend, a person. It is in a woman’s hand to drive humankind towards God, by being a channel to instil faith in God in the lives she touches. As women, we have some intense attributes, which in every way should be employed for God’s purpose – and let that be the vow we take on this day that celebrates womanhood.

Women – Pillars of Firm Conviction – May we ardently hold on to His Divine Names, and refuse to let situations influence our faith. May our prayers never be lukewarm, but with earnest belief. May we, by our faith in His Divine Names, ensure that His Grace enwraps our family, society, and the world at large. May we never let go off our culture and tradition in the slimy slopes of this material world. May we refuse to let anxiety infest our thoughts and feelings by constantly reminding ourselves and others about God’s unconditional love towards all of us.

Women – Quintessence of Giving Nature – May we spread inexorable joy wherever we go. May we love, empathise, understand and be compassionate to every life we touch; as a gesture of absolute gratitude for the love, empathy and compassion we receive from God. May we help the needy, remind the eager, strengthen the weak and guide the strong! May we forgive unconditionally, remembering how we are unconditionally forgiven by The Lord. May we bear no hatred in spite of our feelings, entrusting God to heal all our hurts with time. May we touch and enrich the lives of our kin, so that they may see His Grace behind every happiness, success and cheer that comes their way.

Women – Personification of Inherent calmness – May we nurture the innate feminine serenity we have been bestowed with, by always being at peace with the true belief that we are children of God, and feel comforted and guided by Him, when everything seems out of control. May we learn to rest all our concerns at His Feet and leave them there, and pass on this calmness to our families and people. May our firm, yet gentle nature lead all those around us, who are entangled in bewilderments, towards God

Women – Source of Pragmatic Thinking – May our thoughts, actions, words, advice and deliberations be those that pass on the message and the glories of The Lord; not to show how conversant we are, but rather by poising our entire disposition on true devotion to The Lord. May our advice and guidance to family, friends and colleagues be marked by wisdom drawn from our holy texts.

Women – Born Perfectionists – May we be fully committed to our service to God, to the best of our ability. May our reliability reflect our innermost conviction of working for God, and not for the world around us. May we set our mind on eternal things and serve only Him, and live only for His purpose. May we have all our desires in accordance with His Will.

Most importantly, may we remember that external beauty may deteriorate with age, but benevolence and refinement lives eternally. May we invest in that which lasts!



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  1. chitra ganesh says:

    superb and a different personification of woman.

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  2. Dr.Dhanya says:

    Nicely written

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  3. krithika2 says:

    Radhe Radhe !! Rightly brought out the evergreen nature of womenhood….! Happy women’s day , Jananiji.
    Jai G 🙂

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  4. Sitaji says:

    Interesting thought on women’s role…indeed her resolve stems from her goodness and her humaneness… Well I also believe her space is her identity…she may choose to explore or exploit; The freedom within to just ‘be ‘ than to’ become’ is in essence her strength…She doesn’t have to battle anything external. .She is that soulful song …She just need to stay in tune with the whispers of her heart…She is woman..She is HIS masterpiece.

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  5. Excellent piece…………………..as Joseph Conrad once said, “Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men”.

    Happy women’s day!

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  6. Deepak Vinod says:

    wow – Thats Powerful Sis.. can i share this on facebook…?

    On Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 7:16 PM, inthepathoflove wrote:

    > inthepathoflove posted: “Women – icons of resolute mettle and spirit, > God’s handpicked and most beautiful creation, ones who bear and nurture > humanity; by whose sheer absence on earth, everything that’s artistic, > everything that’s soothing, everything that’s calm, everything that” >

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