SURRENDER – The Strongest Position To Be

Surrender is an unreserved affirmation to the call of the Guru. It is placing oneself readily, completely, and eternally at His disposal with an unflinching belief that we have been beckoned, summoned, protected and taken possession of. If not to Him, we will surrender to the opinions or expectations of others, to wealth, to fame, to hatred, to fear, to lusts, or to ego. We are free to choose, what we capitulate to, but we are not free from the corollary of that choice.

We can surrender without a prayer, but we can never really pray without surrender. When we pray, it means we have given the situation into His hands, with no reliance whatsoever on our efforts. A prayer is true only when there is surrender with a heart empty only for Him to enter, with supple eyes, a gentle voice and a clarity that we want Him to completely take over. Something marvelous happens when we surrender to Him with love. We sail into another world, one that melts when we melt, rejoices when we rejoice, softens when we soften and loves us when we love.

As a Sufi poet says, if life were a chess game, and The Master has made an incredible move, and says “Checkmate!”, we must be able to laugh and lift our hands up in submission saying “I surrender”. The problem is, we continue to believe we still have a million brilliant moves. The more we submit to Him, and the less we question the outcome, and the less we seek persistent lucidity, the more we will discover that marvelous things start showing up in our life. To be in surrender, is to be fully in the present, to be childlike, and not have any agenda of our own; then, what we once saw as ambiguities, uncertainties and mystery suddenly turn out to be a delightful wonder!

We at times think, surrender means not to take responsibility, not to do anything. But it means the exact contrary. Surrender is responsibility in its truest sense. Total irresponsibility makes us weak, and wears us out. Restricted responsibility makes us bored and unmotivated. Whereas unconstrained responsibility inspires us and makes us feel galvanised. It brings us endless joy! That is what surrender to Him does! Makes us feel an unfathomable and limitless sense of responsibility. Because, surrender is wanting only His Will to be done, and His Will means taking responsibility for the whole world! It means being committed to His cause; to be a tool in His Hands to fulfill the purpose of His Incarnation! And that means being responsible for the Greatest Purpose!

Only when we think we have to ‘perform’ surrender, we fail. Surrender is not a deed, it is our real state. All we need to do, is to wake up to reality and acknowledge it. The Master never says we must surrender. He says “You are so dear to me!” And that only means we have no choice, we are in His able hands, in His loving embrace. This realization becomes surrender. Either we do it now, or later! But we do it! This is the path of love!



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  1. Malathi says:


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  2. sreeush92 says:

    Beautiful how eloquently you have explained surrender.
    Surrender to his will and to the purpose of his incarnation, very apt.
    Great feelings of a surrendered soul.
    Keep taking us into this path of love
    Radhe Radhe
    Jai G

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  3. skandha hariharan says:

    Yet another inspiring post. Wish this blog crawls on hands of true seekers as a book, sometime in future..

    Radhe Radhe, Jai Gurunath!

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      1. Sitaji says:

        Submitting to the will of God and Surrendering at the feet of the Guru can be truly liberating..
        I recall these beautiful lines:
        On the tracks of time; some run to conquer;
        while others to surrender!!
        Radhe Radhe

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  4. Sitaji says:

    Submitting to the will of God and surrendering at the feet of Guru …can be truly liberating.

    Reminds me of these beautiful lines:
    On the tracks of time ;
    Some run to conquer; while others to Surrender.

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