Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam


The Master was recounting a few weeks back, the Divine Play of Little Krishna. The way He lifted the Govardhan Hill, and every single being of the village ran under the shelter bestowed by Him in complete surrender. The Master said, if they saw it as a mere roof to take refuge under, they would have had their doubts on its strength and fear of it crashing down on all of them. But what they saw was an umbrella of boundless, unconditional and absolute love that Krishna had unfolded, under which they had refuged securely like little birds in the embrace of a mother’s nest.

The same umbrella of blissful love that The Master is harbouring us under; giving us this blissful experience of feeling embraced, protected, fathered and blessed. The umbrella under which knowledge blossoms, all our talents reveal, joy swells, sorrow reduces, dearth diminishes, and abundance begins.

This umbrella of love, He has unfolded to summon each of us struck by the storm of worldly life.  As we look around for Grace from the chaos we are stuck in, he extends this invite into His Gentle Embrace, which is more captivating, more festive, and more delightful than anything else in the world. Once we come into that shelter, we begin to see the world from there. We begin to see the world from the eyes of the Master. The world looks no longer spiteful, but tremendously beautiful instead. That is because in His Sanctuary, we find a Vasudaiva Kutumbakam, filled with love, joy, cooperation, communion, compassion, and all virtues. Looking from His Safe Haven, there is no fear. We look at the world without any fear. There is nothing that we can see in the outside world that can disturb us, or take the abundance away from us. Such a sense of security, such a sense of fullness and joy comes.

His shelter is forever and for all. His generosity knows no boundaries. He takes every single being that runs to Him, into His Divine Embrace; to make them see God in Him and through Him. In His Refuge, he feeds the spiritually hungry, stirs the spiritually ignorant, kindles faith in the non-believer, awakens the sleeping devotee, employs the yearning sevak, and owns the surrendering disciple. And by a soft touch of love, he gradually arouses devotion in all. Even if we run away from His Shelter, as we many a times do, in chase of material joy, his love for us remains unchanged when we run back to the umbrella, wounded and hurt. He doesn’t even point out our folly. We can never imagine anyone who would be so interested in us; who wants perfection for us, who wants us to experience Supreme Bliss, who wants to be the Divine Father for whom our hearts longed, who wants us to know God.

On a new year, and a new start, here’s praying, The Master constantly guides me in the path of goodness and love. Here’s wishing to hold His Hand and stand under His Shelter every moment till Eternity. Here’s pleading that if I ever happen to attempt to run astray from His Roof, that he puts my head on His Lap, and brings me back to be remindful of His Purpose for me. This I pray for myself, and this I wish for all my friends standing with me in HIS UMBRELLA OF LOVE!

Happy New Year!!


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  1. Saraswathi says:

    Rr. How true….. Very well expressed…. Jai G.

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  2. girijamurali says:

    Excellent piece Janani ‘ doesn’t even point out our follies’..HE is nothing but embodiment of grace . Happy new year to you.Radhe Radhe!

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  3. Anitha says:

    Happy New Year Janani…Nice gift for new year…:)

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  4. Uma Balasubramanian says:

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful ‘Mass Prayer’ Jananiji

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  5. krithika2 says:

    Radhe Radhe !! Pray that we always remain under HIS UMBRELLA OF LOVE !! JAI G

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  6. SIVARAMAN.R says:

    Radhe Radhe… Prayers for Ji’s compassion to enjoy His compassion. Great RR

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