My Utmost for His Highest


The Master, once He decides to shower His Grace, becomes a guiding Father from that moment to eternity. No matter how low our spiritual plane, how improper our disposition, He stays by our side even when we blunder, for He knows, that is when we need Him the most. When we accept His unconditional bond, all He expects from us, with a childlike heart, is that unconditional love.

Bhagyaji mentioned soulfully in one of his lectures last week, “How compassionate is our Master! We know we are full of grime! We know He can see us, see into us and see through us! But how merciful is He, that He not just overlooks all the dirt in us, but picks out one good quality from all the filth, and lauds us for it; a quality that we ourselves never knew existed in us!” That made me ponder, Only God can bestow such unconditional love to every soul that associates with Him.

Each time we run to Him in pain, after we stumble, after we are thrashed by the world, after we fall back into the slush of our vasanas, He embraces us with open arms like a mother, and heals our wound by that Pure Divine Love, by that Transfixing Smile. A mother does not love her baby any lesser because he hasn’t learnt to walk. The Master loves us for what we are, or rather, in spite of what we are. The instability of this human heart of ours, completely vanishes by this enthralling Divine Love. Just a brush of Him, just a moment in His Silent Presence, and all the flux of our human nature dissolves. His hand is always extended to us. The more we reach out, the more we open ourselves to receive His love.

Our physical body is reminding us of every small discomfort it experiences, our thoughts are another kind of nuisance, and our emotions are a totally misdirected mess. What we call worldly life is yet another foe. To be in a state of calm amidst all this, is to allow our life to simply quiver in His tenderness. When His tenderness overtakes our body, thoughts and emotion, then we witness this state of unexplainable calm.

This Love is limitless, overwhelming. We cannot try to comprehend, cannot try to think it through, cannot to try to grip – nothing. All we can do is just behold!

For the countless times His Holy Feet have given shelter when I have erred, for the innumerable ways in which His Words have subdued my iniquities, for the myriad circumstances when His Smile has drenched my sorrows with indescribable joy, for the immeasurable Grace He has showered on this undeserving; I pray, may He unearth my utmost, for His Highest!


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  1. SIVARAMAN.R says:

    Radhe Radhe
    Our Love is for Guru and Guru only.

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  2. krithika2 says:

    Radhe Radhe!! No words to express…. SriG’s unconditional Divine Love!!

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  3. sreeush92 says:

    So beautiful ,touchingly explained the master’s compassionate love..grace
    Radhe Radhe

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  4. Saraswathi says:

    Rr, very beautiful.

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