Happy G Poornima!


A few hundred miles away from The Master, this G Poornima, basking in the nest of Grace he is nurturing me in, all I can do, is bow in gratitude to His love that has been enwrapping us for years, and that love, which will be ours to behold through eternity, regardless of the lowest plane of devotion we may be in. That love which has been ours even when we have erred, for He knows that is when we will need it more than at any other time. And when we accepted this unconditional love, what did He ask for in return? The same unconditional love, with a childlike trust.

What have we done to receive a love like this? Why has He chosen us to be a tiny part of His Grand Purpose? When we know we are mere instruments in His Mighty Hands that operate His Divine Plan, it only makes me think, how fortunate we are, that we, were the tools He chose to pick, from a million other choices!

We are blessed to have His love, for no one else in this earthly plane can love us so much. Once we experience this Divine Love that flows through us from God, it gives a radiance to life that nothing else on earth – no powers, no glories, no amount of sense fulfilment – can give us.

And this G Poornima, I would only pray to forever be in His Presence. His Presence that cradles the soul, His Presence that allows life to simply tremble with too much tenderness, His Presence of fathomless Love, His Presence of dynamic silence!

And would also pray to always be reminded of His purpose, and to be one of the most pliable instrument in His Hands!

A million pranams to Sri G!

Amrita Mahotsva! A festive Tuesday!

May we forever relish this divine nectar!

May Sri G’s Feet, be our eternal shelter;

G Poornima wishes to all!


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  1. krithika2 says:

    Very Happy G Poornima 🙂

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  2. sreeush92 says:

    Happy Gurupoornima
    Very beautiful Ji
    Praying for HIS love and grace always to all of us.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Saraswathi. says:

    Great. Well said . on this auspicious day, we can only think of His grace and thank him for the same. Jai G.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Skandha Prasad Hariharan says:

    Gravitational “G”race !!

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