Love…that overwhelms!

It is about 5 days since Radhashtami, and here I stand, with this blissful sight lingering in my eyes. No matter what I am setting my attention to, this Divine Vista seems to capture my attention permanently.

It was this blessed morning at Madhurapuri, the floor embellished with auspicious turmeric, kumkum and sandal, Sri Premika Varadhan joyously seated on the Divine Vahana, with His Beloved Sri Madhuri Sakhi. Joyously seated, for what occasion could be more special to Him, than the Incarnation Day of His Adored Queen! The air was idyllic enough, for a heavenly happening to intensify it.

Our Master, sat before the Divine Couple, sandal adorning His Forehead, Her Name incessantly budding from His Tongue, and the fortunate lotuses that alighted His Holy Hands, to be offered to Our Divine Mother. And this became a spectacle to behold! With every Lotus He picked, He would look at Her, Love brimming from His Eyes, a tender hearted Smile on His Lips, as if enquiring if She wanted them offered to Her, or bejewelled on Her, and He would do just as She wished! The joy that displayed on His Divine Face, while celebrating Her, His most cherished, was a beatific scene to witness! The love that transpired between them, was moving and sublime. She radiated love, He returned more Love, and there was no end to it!

We have all read and heard that Bhagavan is conquered by the love of His devotees. And we also know, that the love a devotee feels to Bhagavan, is but a particle of Radha Rani’s Love for Him; an iota of the love that the Guru has for Him. And here, we beheld the two ABODES OF LOVE, exchange love between themselves, and needless to say, it was overwhelming!

The two ABODES OF PUREST LOVE – whose love, if manifests even in a trace from us, conquers Bhagavan; were right there, in their Blissful State. And to just witness this, by Their Grace, seemed like the ultimate perfection of life. The Master, exuding sweetness and pleasantness from every pore of His Being, made every one of us experience that sweetness. Anything that we looked at, anything that we touched or did not touch – everything was pleasant. The joy experienced by witnessing this, was not an ordinary joy that came because of being happy about something, but because of the feeling that our very existence is pleasant.

Praying that this Divine Darshan and the Bliss it emanated, continues to grip my attention, soothe my eyes, steal my soul, and bind my wandering heart to The Master, for none can surpass His Love, none can equal His Sweetness!

With this prayer,

marakatastambhasaMrAjadvidyutsaudAminIM yathA |

kRuShNamAshlishya tiShThantIM rAdhikAM sharaNaM bhaje ||

Like a lightning hugging forever

an Emerald pillar with splendor

Embracing krishna, radhika stands yonder

Unto that divinity

do I surrender !

Sri Radhika Panchakam by Sri Swamiji


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  1. sreeush92 says:

    So divine..praying we all get engulfed in this divine love . Jananiji ,
    Very beautifully and sweetly sweet as our Madhurisakhi..
    Radhe Radhe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yaminizivan says:

    Lovely! Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, Janani Ji. So beautifully written…definitely missed being there for Radhshtami …,but Sri G blessed us all by your article.

    Thanks & Pranams Yamini

    Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

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